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Our Stillness provides a series of programs, workshops, sessions and consulting services to support individuals and organisations to gain a sense of wellbeing at work and in life

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About Us

Run by an ex-Big Four consultant and Financial Services professional, Monica has a vision to create a service offering to organisations by supporting the growth, development and work-life experiences of their people.

By working with us, businesses and organisations are given the means to learn more about the emotional well-being of their people to then prepare activities, initiatives and workshops which are relevant, positive and supported.

By partnering with you, we understand the needs of your business and work with you to design bespoke and tailored services ranging from the Corporate Happiness Check surveys to delivering workshops and running wellness days.

Run by a team of consultants, trainers, life coaches, mindfulness teachers and professional individuals with a strong corporate background, we share knowledge and insight based on real experiences and examples.

General Questions

How does the Corporate Happiness Check work?

We meet with you and share the core areas which are included in the survey. You have the opportunity to add any company-specific questions as well. The surveys are run via an online survey tool. The final output is reviewed and analyzed and shared to the organization senior management with recommendations and suggestions.

I would like my staff to learn about mindfulness, what do you offer?

We allocate an experienced mindfulness practitioner or meditation teacher to your company. They will run a program for your organisation based on understanding your needs and requirements. Programs can be short or longer term. Our clients have found them rewarding and beneficial.

What other things do you offer?

Our clients work with us to help them run a series of events, activities and courses. We have run team building activities, run courses on self awareness, stress management all the way to  leadership programs.

Stories from our client projects

We are very proud of the service we provide and have seen results in the work which we do.
Resulted in staff learning and understanding more about stress management and how to implement in their everyday lives

Payment Provider

in Dubai

Led to the firm learning and understanding more about their people and in turn the roll-out of specific workshops and courses to support them at work and home

Law Firm

in Dubai

Raised an awareness through one-hour open day sessions on stress management, habits of happiness and practical application of techniques

Open days across

across Dubai

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