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Run a survey to gauge how your staff are feeling

If you want to know more about how your staff are feeling, do they have a sense of contentment, are they worried or concerned?

The Happiness Health Check created by Our Stillness can give you the tools and means to do just that. Based on positive psychology and the seven habits of happy people, we have compiled a series of questions to understand more about your staff and organisation.

Using an online survey tool, your staff are able to answer a series of questions relating to their own emotional and physical wellness.

Our team review the results with a life coach or a counsellor and the results are presented back with recommendations and next steps.

Structure of the survey – 7 categories:

  • Attitude towards work
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Work satisfaction
  • Social life
  • How you relax
  • Health & fitness
  • Future perspective

Sample survey areas include:

  • I feel I can manage my workload
  • I am aware of how my behaviours and moods can impact others
  • I feel valued at worked
  • I feel I have work life balance

How can this help senior management and the hr function?

  • You are provided with data and evidence
  • It can be anonymous, so staff can truly express
  • The report provides suggestions and recommendations
  • You know where to focus people investment going forward