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Wellness Consulting

Working with your organisation to understand the physical and emotional wellbeing requirements to support and get the best from your people.

We have created an in-house methodology (Assess. Design. Deliver.) to ensure we follow am approach which is structured, transparent and meets the needs of our clients. We follow the methodology to understand the needs of your organisation and its cultural setting, the content is designed and developed in line with the assessments made and delivered to your requirements and standards.


  • Work with clients to gather requirements and understand their needs
  • Run a gap analysis
  • Devise timelines with a project plan
  • Assess suitable learning methods for the audience and topics


  • Develop bespoke programs to meet the needs
  • Devise learning mechanisms – one to one, group, classroom, e-learning, videos, train the trainer
  • Arrange events & activities to support events & activities to support the programs
  • Assign trainers, coaches, SMEs to Programs


  • Deliver high quality programs
  • Regular performance reviews of participants, contents and delivery approach
  • Demonstrate results and positively impact the organization and staff members

We allocate a consultant to your company who spends time understanding the organisations needs and recommends and suggests initiatives, programs and events to support your people.

Offering stress management programs, health and fitness initiatives, life coaching, self awareness, nutritional advice, emotional intelligence and any other elements within this space.

We work with a team of consultants who are experienced, trained and equipped to deliver to these programs and one to one support.

Create initiatives

To integrate as part of wider company strategy and events such as town halls for example motivational speakers or life coaches.
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Design wellness spaces

Working with you to create wellness spaces for staff to reflect, relax and rejuvenate.
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Design and implement wellness projects

Ranging from Employee Assistance Programs, team building exercises to regular talks from experts in their fields.
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Corporate wellness days

Running wellness events with external suppliers to encourage staff to try out various wellness activities ranging from yoga, exercise, healthier eating, hobbies and much more.
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